Week 8 - April 2-7, 2018

One of the primary goals of MODX3 is optimizing the UX. Vasily did an amazing job at increasing the UX, specifically the time required to upload images. Every upload action now takes 4 fewer clicks than you are used to! We did a lot of testing and polishing on existing MODX3 features, but we need more testers! Therefore we made a screencast for this, to make it easier to understand.

Fewer clicks + drag & drop for uploading images, files, and extras

Example 1 (media browser example)
In the example below, you see we removed some dialog windows from the workflow, which you previously had to click through, which is totally unnecessary. Besides that you can use multi-upload, even for dragging files from your finder. Please note that all file verification is done immediately. The example shows Vasily throwing a random bunch of files in the media browser and automatically skips the illegal .mov file, which it mentions in an error message dialog window.

Example 2 (package management)
The package manager adopted the same functionality as the media browser.


Example 3 (TinyMCE + Template Variables)
Last but not least, this new functionality was also added to the TinyMCE editor and Template Variables.


We need more testers! A lot of development work is being performed, but we can't just merge and release the work. That's why we need testers. Testing isn't very hard, you just need to know the right order to do things. Therefore we made a screencast for you to make it easier.