Week 1 - February 12-18, 2018

Week 7 of 2018 was the first week of the MODX3 project. GP, Vasily and Rinze continued started off with the login window, while Mark and Jason some serious cleaning up on the 3.x branch on Github. Vasily also did some amazing work on using composer to load third-party components.

The following features were merged into 3.x:

Smarty, PHPMailer and PHPThumb have been removed from the MODX core. This results in the following:

  • Smaller MODX core
  • Easier to maintain: we can now simply update the composer package

xPDO was already being loaded via Composer.

The new design was also merged into 3.x. It's not final yet, but it is a great improvement already.

Another big win is the inclusion of Flysystem. Flysystem (by the PHPLeage) is one of the worlds most popular libraries for uploading files. It will replace existing media source functionality and will greatly improve reliability and speed. Big thanks to Josh Gulledge from LCi for this PR. The Amazon S3 adapter is currently included, but the future will see more adapters being added as separate extras. The S3 adapter will also become an extra on its own.