Week 15 - May 21-27, 2018


Testing is progressing slowly, so we need your help! Vasily made a huge PR which needs thorough testing. We're also in need for Backwards Compatibility ideas. The full Pull Request can be found here and it includes:

  • PSR-4 autoloading
  • Core model updated to xPDO 3.0
  • Refactored processors
  • Removed modXMLRPCResource and modJSONRPCResource (and also their Response classes)
  • Replaced MagpieRSS to SimplePie
  • Core files formatted to PSR-2
  • Updated build, setup, model generator, tests, etc. Everything needed to make it work.

To test this PR:

  • composer create-project modx/revolution www 3.x-dev where www is the directory to install.
  • When it will ask Do you want to remove the existing VCS (.git, .svn..) history? [Y,n]? answer n.
  • Fetch this PR: cd www && git fetch origin pull/13900/head:3x-refactoring
  • Checkout to the new branch: git checkout 3x-refactoring
  • Update composer: composer update
  • Build core files: php ./_build/transport.core.php
  • Open your website in browser and run Setup.
  • Login to manager and disable system setting compress_js. Clear browser cache and after this you will see no more errors about wrong processors paths.


Testing is progressing slowly, with only a handful of people doing the testing right now. We need more testers! Gauke Pieter made a screencast to help you understand the magical world of testing pull requests on Github for MODX.


While the donations started off really good, they are stalling right now. We would like to remind everybody who didn't sponsor or donate yet to do so fast. The budget is still €20.000+ short and extra funding will make it easier to complete the project in the way we want to! Donate here.

Photo Contest

We need photos for our new login screen. Four photos to be precise: winter, spring, summer en autumn. For this, we are doing a MODX3 Photo Contest! Photo Contest.