Weekly updates of the MODX3 project progress.

Week 14 - May 14-20, 2018

We finished the Template Picker this week. As most of the development work is ready, we spend this week on acquiring testing and merging resources. We've found people who want to spend time on testing and merging: Ivan Klimchuk, John Peca (MODX) and Garry Nutting (MODX). This will all be coordinated by Jason Coward, as usual. Read the full update.

Week 13 - May 7-13, 2018

We've got one thing to mention for this week: huge refactoring of the MODX core to make it more modern. Vasily changed 2077 files and added PSR-4 autoloading, xPDO 3 models, refactored processors. This means no screenshots this week, but a lot of under-the-hood work! Read the full update.

Week 12 - April 30 - May 6, 2018

May has started and we're nearing the endgame of the MODX3 Project. We see less drastic changes, but nevertheless important changes. MODX Community Slack discussions have given us some very valuable input for UX improvements this week. We're continuing work on this.

Where we need help right now: help us test the codebase and help fund the project (we're still not there yet)! Read the full update.

Week 11 - April 23-29, 2018

The MODX UI redesign is really shaping up! Rinze made new designs for the manager UI in week 9. Vasily did a great job at implementing those this week. It is not finished yet, but we're getting close! Check screenshots and videos of the UI work! Read the full update.

Week 10 - April 16-22, 2018

Development has started on the resource editing screen and the first prototype is ready. The template preview also is in the prototype stage, which is amazing news for content managers. Please check the screencasts we recorded to show the changes. Read the full update.

Week 9 - April 8-15, 2018

Refactoring, testing, testing, finishing up designs, bug fixing, 2.6.3, 2.7, a lot is going on. Vasily did a full refactor of the current browser processors and he implemented Markdown support for extras! Besides we built a failsafe feature for overwriting elements.

The design front has been busy researching how to optimize resources, the tree and the uberbar. We're sharing Rinze's prototypes in this post. Read the full update.

Week 8 - April 2-7, 2018

One of the primary goals of MODX3 is optimizing the UX. Vasily did an amazing job at increasing the UX, specifically the time required to upload images. Every upload action now takes 4 fewer clicks than you are used to! We did a lot of testing and polishing on existing MODX3 features, but we need more testers! Therefore we made a screencast for this, to make it easier to understand. Read the full update.

Week 7 - March 26 - April 1, 2018

Week 7 was an exciting week for MODX3. Vasily finished the new Dashboard architecture. It needs testers now, lots of them! The MODX3 team got a new member and we're working on finishing up the MODX Template Preview feature. MODX 2.6.2 will be released soon and last but not least: the modx.org project is progressing! Read the full update.

Week 6 - March 19-25, 2018

Work started on implementing the new dashboard in MODX. While doing so, we also took a shot at upgrading ExtJs for some extra abilities and new features, but the effort would have too much an impact on our June release date. The login screen was finished with the last pull request on Github. Read the full update.

Week 5 - March 12-18, 2018

Week 5 is the week after the official project-launch at the MODX Meetup in Leeuwarden. We've got several amazing sponsorships going and receive a good amount of donations. More is better though! As for project progress: we finished the login screen, updated plan-page on the website and we did more media source fixes. All of these changes require more testers and people who can translate new lexicon strings. Last but not least: dashboard development has begun! Read the full update.