Weekly updates of the MODX3 project progress.

Week 5 - March 12-18, 2018

Week 5 is the week after the official project-launch at the MODX Meetup in Leeuwarden. We've got several amazing sponsorships going and receive a good amount of donations. More is better though! As for project progress: we finished the login screen, updated plan-page on the website and we did more media source fixes. All of these changes require more testers and people who can translate new lexicon strings. Last but not least: dashboard development has begun! Read the full update.

Week 4 - March 5-11, 2018

This week finished the first month of the project. MODX3.org is live now and you can now support our cause! Work continued on the media sources with Flysystem integration. Adapters were implemented: local filesystem, FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3 and Swift. Jason Coward brought up the idea to use Github Projects for increased project transparency, which will happen in week 5. Design work also started on the create resource-page. The MODX Meetup in Leeuwarden also was organized with over 40 attendees! Read the full update.

Week 3 - February 26-March 4, 2018

The third week of the project! Rinze made a lot of progress on the new MODX dashboard. It's such an improvement, you will love it! More work has been done by Vasily on adapters: AWS S3, Swift, local file system, FTP, and SFTP are being worked on. Besides that, we did a lot of work on refactoring the media browser and improving the tree. Read the full update.

Week 2 - February 19-25, 2018

The second week of our MODX3 project featured continuous work on the login window, improved HTML emails from the manager and a new forgot-password flow, compliant with the new EU regulations. A long-time request has been implemented: manager customization for both create and update actions! Last but not least: MODX is now installable through composer and an install script. Read the full update.

Week 1 - February 12-18, 2018

Week 7 of 2018 was the first week of the MODX3 project. GP, Vasily and Rinze continued started off with the login window, while Mark and Jason some serious cleaning up on the 3.x branch on Github. Vasily also did some amazing work on using composer to load third-party components. Read the full update.