MODX3 Project statement

We’re thrilled to release our first build of MODX3. This build represents months of work from the MODX3 team, the community, and all the generous sponsors. This build was made for all of you who are excited to try out the new design and weren’t able to do this through Git. You can still donate to the project because it still is not fully funded yet. Donate here!

The build is based on this PR from Vasily, which implements the latest design in MODX. It still does not contain a lot of under-the-hood changes, which will take a lot of testing and thinking-time. The new MODX3 design requires a lot of testing from MODX users all over the world, and this build should enable everybody to test it.

Download the latest regular build (28MB)   Download the latest build with composer (19MB)

This build also marks another important point: it is time to hand over the project to the community, MODX LLC, and the integrators. All the people who did the work on MODX3 are also part of the community and will thus be heavily committed to MODX3. The major features for 3 have been built, and it is now time for testing and finalizing them. These visual features are:

  • New login screen
  • New dashboard
  • Loads of UX improvements
  • New HTML emails
  • Improved uploads (drag & drop)
  • Template-preview
  • Markdown-support in extras

These improvements were presented in detail in the last Dutch MODX Meetup (slides here), but you can also see them at the next German meetups. There will be two meetups:

This website will not see weekly updates anymore, but we will share new builds here. Stay updated and get involved in testing MODX3 through these channels:

This project would not have been possible without the following sponsors and contributors.

Current sponsors & donators

GEL Studios
Heibel Sites