Extract dependencies

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Extract dependencies

To make MODX easier to maintain, we need to extract the current dependencies from the core, update them and make them composer installable and updatable. This will result in a smaller footprint of the core, making it easier to maintain.

Dependencies to extract:

  • AWS
  • PHPThumb
  • Smarty
  • XPDO 3

Contribute to MODX3

Interested in financially supporting the MODX3 cause? Please visit the contribute-page and we'll contact you! Contributors will get an invoice from STERC, which also acts as a financial intermediary. We’ve got no sponsor packages, so any amount above € 100,- will help. Every sponsor will be named at our future sponsor listing (if you want to). Sponsors paying over € 2.500,- can have their logo on the website.

Do you want to donate, but don't want any compensation (logos, etc)? Any amount will help us. Donate now and your name will be mentioned on the site and release.

Required: € 209.895,-

Pledged: € 162.731,51

Check the full budget here.