MODX3S Premium

MODX3S premium

MODX is the most powerful, flexible, and secure content management system on the market today. With the 3S version, we introduce a highly optimized user experience for content managers. It’s built to handle any type of website with ease, whether it’s a multilingual enterprise site or a single landing page. With MODX you can manage your entire online presence from one place – no more switching between different tools! You get everything you need in one package. MODX3S Premium is a collection of premium tools on top of MODX3S.

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Improve performance with MODX3S Premium

Improve performance

We know how frustrating it is when your website isn’t performing as well as it should be. That’s why our team has worked hard to create an easy-to-use product that will help your business grow by making sure every part of your online presence works seamlessly together - all while being mobile-friendly! Our platform allows for third-party integrations and syncs so there are no limits on what you can do with MODX3S Premium! It really does have everything you need to take control over all aspects of your digital world - which means less time spent worrying about technology problems and more time focusing on growing your business!


MODX3S Premium is the result of years of tinkering on a perfect foundation for our websites. A full-fledged multi-language installation with essential templates, blocks, and modules. All this is supported by a static workflow, which is essential for a modern Continuous Integration environment.

Migration tool

Finished setting up your MODX3S Premium installation, but your content is in a MODX 2 installation? Use our fully customizable migration tool to migrate your old (non) Content Blocks content over to your new MODX3S Premium powered MODX installation.

The migration tool is aware of templates, template variables and compatible with multilingual MODX installations. 

Test suite

MODX3S Premium is thoroughly tested for security, performance, and usability. Use our extensive suite of testing tools to keep your implementation healthy. Included testing tools:

  • Tests for coding standards (linters)
  • Webpack automations for your frontend code
  • CI tool configuration (Bitbucket exclusive)
  • Deployment tooling (DeployHQ exclusive)

Content push functionality

Are you looking to work using a content release schedule? E.g. publish new content every week on the same day and time, instead of continuously? This can be a tedious task because you can't publish a new version of a page by default.

Therefore, we invented the content push workflow. It requires a staging and production environment, where the production environment stays untouched by content managers. Instead, content managers use the staging environment as their work environment. Content is written and managed based on a set marketing schedule, which always contains one (or more) content push events.

The content push events can be set in the content push tool configuration. During a content push, all content will be pushed from staging to production. Images and files are synced in real-time, making this a complete content push feature.

Third party integrations and syncs

Sterc is experienced in setting up connectors/syncs with third-party software (e.g. ERP, CRM, and PIM software) and we maintain a suite of sync scripts, including queuing systems to make your MODX3S Premium implementation the central place for users to find their customer data.

To make this even more useful, we maintain an ElasticSearch implementation to have your data pushed into an ElasticSearch index and searchable through SimpleSearch with the ElasticSearch connector.


All this in one easy-to-use package makes MODX3S Premium perfect for agencies of all sizes looking for a complete solution that will save them money while helping them grow faster than ever before!

Do you want use and be part of the MODX3S Premium? Our pricing is based on your company size. This way everyone has access to MODX3S Premium for a fair price. In the Annual plan Updates and Upgrades are included with unlimited installs.

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