After the release of MODX3 Alpha, MODX agencies Sterc and Heibel decided to create their own dedicated version: MODX3S. This version of MODX 3 was built so these agencies could offer their customers digital platforms built in a more user-friendly version of MODX, which had already proven its power.

Secure Login

Of course, you want to be the only one logging into your account. MODX3S helps you to achieve that! Every time someone logs into your account using a new device then you’re normally using, you will receive an email telling you that. If this was you, you don’t have anything to worry about. But if it was someone else, you can immediately change your password. Better be safe than sorry.

Besides the super-secure login, it is also fully customizable and GDPR compliant. Show off your company’s corporate identity and give it a personal touch. Having an international organization? No problem! The login screen will automatically show in your preferred language.

MODX3S Dashboard

Save Time With The Customizable Dashboard

The user-friendly dashboard will help you get started right away! Fully customize the dashboard to your liking, and use the quick create buttons to create a new landing page, QR codes, a new intranet item, update the digital signage sheets, or do any other action. The MODX3S dashboard helps you to work as efficiently as possible.

Of course, you want to know how your website is performing. That’s why you can add stats from Google Analytics and other analytics tools to your dashboard. View which pages and QR and NFC codes are getting new visitors in, and use the SEO Suite widget to see which pages need some extra attention to keep your website health in check.

MODX3S Mobile-Friendly CMS

Mobile-Friendly CMS

Manage content wherever you are. With MODX3S you can do just that! Mobile-friendliness is a huge improvement when comparing it to MODX Revolution, and allows you to manage content wherever you are. So if you need to make a quick adjustment in text, images or any other content, simply log into your CMS, search for the right page, and make the necessary changes.

MODX3S Image Cropper

Crop Images In An Instant

Have you ever seen an image being cropped in a weird way? Mobile devices are becoming more and more the default device for users to visit your website. That’s why responsive - or even mobile-first - platforms are essential for it to function properly. Sadly, even responsiveness can screw things up from time to time. That’s why we’ve created the ImageCropper. Scale and edit any image for any device, so you’ll always show what you want to show.

Get From Offline to Online With QR & NFC

The growing popularity of mobile devices allows us to use some awesome new functionalities too. One of these features is the ability to scan QR and NFC codes, so you can bring your offline audience to your online world. We’ve created a QR and NFC generator that turns any page into a code within seconds. Print the codes yourself, or send it to our specialized NFC printer to add to any kind of material.

MODX Extras

Below you'll see a table showing you several popular MODX Extras and with which version of MODX they're compatible. If you want to learn more about the different MODX Extras and what they help you with, click the button below.


  MODX Revolution MODX3 Alpha MODX3S
SiteDash Client










With warnings



Logs errors





Media browser doesn't work


Big Brother


TinyMCE (original)





Google Sitemap Generator




Ready to start using MODX3S to create your own digital platforms or manage content? Click the button below to go to our download page and get ready for some awesomeness!

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