MODX3 Photo Contest

MODX3 contains a brand new login screen, as you may have noticed. Your daily piece of content editing should start with a good feeling, and the new login screen will encourage that. There is just one thing left to accomplish this: retrieve four amazing pictures for the login screen. One for every season.

We're looking to get these pictures from you, the community by doing a nice little contest! We know there are a lot of well-known photographers in the MODX Community. I mean, we all know our Chief Architect, Jason Coward, who made some beautiful shots of Pagosa Springs, but did you know Sterc's Andre van der Meulen also does a great job at showing how beautiful the north of The Netherlands is? Dave Barr, Scottish MODX developer shows Portugal in all his glory. These guys are just three of the many MODX photographers, who will undoubtedly want their photos on the MODX3 login screen. This means some serious competition for all participants!

Participate in the MODX3 Photo Contest!

To get your picture on the MODX3 login screen, you can signup on this page (requires a Google-account).

Requirements and rules:
- The photo will give the user the feeling he's looking at a picture in winter/spring/summer/autumn.
- Your photo will make people happy when watching it.
- You, the photographer, own the exclusive rights of photo and have not made any exclusive contracts with other parties about the photo.
- You, the photographer, have asked people or owners of property on the photos permission to have them or the properties on the photo.
- You, the photographer, will safeguard the MODX3 project or any contributors from any claims based on the photo.
- You, the photographer, allow the MODX3 project to share your name and company name on any communications during and after this competition.
- You, the photographer, will not require your name to be shown as credits on the login screen itself. Credits will be shown on the release notes and
- You, the photographer, need to sign the MODX CLA
- You can submit photos until June 18th after which we will have public voting until June 22nd, 2018, 13:00 UTC+2.

We'll extend the contest until the first MODX3 Release Candidate is released, for which the date is currently unknown.