The MODX CMS is a powerful content and data platform which allows you to manage content from all your different channels and build customized digital platforms. This user-friendly framework gives designers and developers all the freedom to create amazing user experiences for content managers.

Powerful online performance

MODX was built for speed, security, and findability. This smart CMS is built with light code, using the latest technologies, and provides you with all the necessary functionalities, so your platform will stay lightweight and lightning fast. And that’s exactly what your users and Google are looking for. And you don’t have to worry about hack attacks; a team within the MODX community checks all the MODX code, looks for vulnerabilities, and solves these immediately. That’s how you’re sure your platform stays secure.

Always findable

The powerful MODX extras ensure that you are always findable in search engines like Google. Think of extras such as SEO Tab to define which pages should and shouldn't be indexed by search engines, SEO Pro to create perfect meta titles and descriptions, or SEO Suite to redirect 404 URLs to relevant pages automatically. Or combine all of these powerful SEO extras and more in one with SEO Suite 2.0.

Flexible framework MODX

Flexible Framework: You're In Control

You are in complete control of the CMS and the digital platform you’re creating within it. Imagine the digital platform you want to create and how it should function, and get started coding! Using the same HTML multiple times throughout the platform? Turn them into chunks, and save time building and updating resources sitewide. 

Manage Content With Ease

Get ready to create content. Blogs, landing pages, forms, PDFs, catalogs, you name it and MODX has it! Create a new page, choose a template, and drag & drop the content blocks wherever you want. That’s how you create, edit, and delete content and only show what you want the world to see.

Multichannel: All Channels In One CMS

Working with multiple platforms in multiple languages? No problem! MODX allows you to manage hundreds of different channels in one CMS. No matter the language, no matter what channel. Now you don’t have to log-in and log-out thousands of times, and distribute content on your different platforms with ease. That’s how MODX always scales with you.


When you’re an international organization, you want to allow your employees from all around the world to work in the same CMS. MODX helps you with this! This multilingual CMS allows you to show the CMS in any language you need. You can also give each user their own permissions, so offices around the world can only edit the platform of their own country. 

MODX Extras

Expand the way you see and use the MODX CMS with MODX extras. Anything you need to work more efficiently is already created, there’s an extra for anything. And you don’t have to worry about it slowing down your website. MODX extras are built so that they won’t overload the CMS with unnecessary code. Besides, you don’t need to install hundreds of plugins to get one of them to work. MODX extras aren’t dependent on each other, so if you need to improve one functionality, you just have to install one extra. That’s how your digital platform stays fast and secure.

MODX3 Project

In 2017, various MODX events brought together a lot of MODX people with a lot of ideas as an immediate result. MODX LLC and Sterc thought it was the right time to implement these ideas in a new MODX release: MODX3. 

New features included:

  • Improved user-experience for content managers, focused on less clutter and more accessibility
  • A fully customizable login screen
  • A more welcoming and useful dashboard for both developers and content managers
  • Extract and update dependencies making it easier to maintain
Learn about the project


2004 - Raymond Irving and Ryan Thrash started the MODX CMS project as a mashup of DocVars for Etomite and Raymond’s web user add-on.

March 2005 - MODX became a fork of Etomite

May 2005 - Jason Coward joined the project leadership team

2007 - Raymond Irving left the project

2008 - Shaun McCormick joined the project leadership team

2010 - The first version of MODX was released: MODX Evolution. This was a complete rewrite of the CMS.

May 2010 - MODX LLC was founded, this is the company behind MODX

May 2010 - The first official MODX conference was held: MODXpo Dallas.

July 2012 - ClipperCMS, an independent fork of MODX Evolution (MODX 1) was launched.

October 2012 - MODX LLC launched MODX Cloud, a cloud-based hosting service for MODX sites.

March 2013 - MODX LLC split MODX Cloud into another company, SiphonLabs. This separation was short-lived, and MODX Cloud was re-integrated into the parent company in July 2013.

June 2013 - Mark Hamstra - a well-known developer in the MODX community - launched modmore. Modmore was the first major source of premium add-ons for MODX.

November 2013 - The second official MODXpo was held in Cologne, Germany.

January 2014 - MODX was added to the BitNami installer library. John Peca joined the core development team, replacing Shaun McCornick.

July 2014 - MODX 2.3 was released to the public, featuring an updated manager interface and various minor feature enhancements.

September 2014 - Modmore hosted the first MODX Weekend in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

August 2015 - MODX 2.4 was released to the public. This version introduced package dependencies for MODX extras and numerous security, stability, and performance improvements.

November 2015 - The MODXpo Conference was hosted by Kochan & Partner in Munich, Germany, with speakers from across Europe and the United States engaging in a 3-day exposition of MODX and the future of the platform.

February 2016 - MODX 2.5 was released to the public.

November 2017 - MODX 2.6 was released to the public.

February 2018 - The MODX3 project started, lead by Gauke Pieter Sietzema, chairman of the MODX advisory board and CTO at Sterc.

July 2018 - The alpha version of MODX 3 was released by Sterc and handed over to the MODX community, MODX LLC and the integrator team. At the same time MODX LLC introduced a new MODX extra called FRED for visual drag-and-drop content editing and creation - for versions 2.6 and 3 of MODX.

November 2018 - MODX 2.7 was released to the public.

December 2018 - The MODX3S version was released by MODX agencies Sterc and Heibel. They started using this advanced MODX3 version to create digital platforms for their customers.

October 2020 - MODX 2.8 was released to the public.

March 2021 - The first big online MODX event with over 180 participants was organized by Sterc,, and Pixmill.

April 2022 - MODX 3.0 was released to the public.


In the future, we would love to see the official MODX3 branche and the MODX3S version merge together as one. The MODX3S isn’t a fork (a copy) of the original project, but an improved version that is already stable enough to use for building your own websites and digital platforms.

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