Funding of a new MODX3


MODX is the world’s fastest, most customizable Open Source PHP content management system (CMS) and web application framework for publishing content on digital channels like websites, progressive web apps, digital signage, custom applications, and intranets. MODX3 will replace MODX Revolution.

We are proud to announce that Sterc has been granted a KEI subsidy from Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland. The subsidy is financed by the European Union, European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO), and the Dutch provinces Groningen, Friesland, and Drenthe. This allows Sterc to hire some of the best developers worldwide for this project and work with Sterc in our office in Surhuisterveen. The project enables Sterc to acquire invaluable knowledge to realize its growth ambitions.

Besides immediate MODX3 support from MODX LLC, Sterc needs your help to make MODX3 even better than it already is. With your help, we are able to add more features and improvements into MODX3.



The MODX3 budget is very transparent and can be found right here. Please note there is a budget for the Project Plan and for Extra Features. If we finish features from the Project Plan faster than anticipated, we will spend that time on extra features. This means the budget will be moved from Project Plan to Extra Features. We'll share the numbers about this.

Required budget

Scope of the Project Plan € 134.540,-
Scope of Extra Features € 75.355,-
 Total required € 209.895,-

Pledged funding

Subsidy € 34.176,-
MODX LLC € 63.200,-
Sterc € 25.000,-
modmore € 13.500,-
Sponsors € 18.055,-
Donations € 8.800,51
Total pledged € 162.731,51
Not pledged at risk of Sterc € 47.163,49

Based on current hours until July 1st, 2018.

Current sponsors & donators

GEL Studios
Heibel Sites

Contribute to MODX3

Interested in financially supporting the MODX3 cause? Please visit the contribute-page and we'll contact you! Contributors will get an invoice from STERC, which also acts as a financial intermediary. We’ve got no sponsor packages, so any amount above € 100,- will help. Every sponsor will be named at our future sponsor listing (if you want to). Sponsors paying over € 2.500,- can have their logo on the website.

Do you want to donate, but don't want any compensation (logos, etc)? Any amount will help us. Donate now and your name will be mentioned on the site and release.

Required: € 209.895,-

Pledged: € 162.731,51

Check the full budget here.