MODX download

MODX download

We're thrilled to release our first build of MODX3 project and the final build of our MODX3S version. Below, you can download both of these versions. We would love to hear your thoughts about the MODX3S version. 

MODX3 Alpha

This build represents months of work from the MODX3 team, the community, and all the generous sponsors. This build was made for all of you who are excited to try out the new design and weren’t able to do this through Git.



This build represents the dedicated MODX3 version of MODX agencies Sterc and Heibel. This version of MODX 3 was built so these agencies could offer their customers digital platforms built in a more user-friendly version of MODX.

Download MODX3S

We also recommend installing the extra 'MODX Dashboard Widget Pack' for the user-friendly dashboard. You can simply install this from the Installer after installation.

The MODX3 project would not have been possible without the following sponsors and contributors.

MODX3 sponsors & donators

M-int - Lars Bratke - Digital Penguin - Dannevang Digital - Crimson Pixel - YJ Tso - Tony Klapatch - Spark-it - Intersel - modstore - modhost - bitego - Netzfeld - Quadro - Vids and Bits - Webdesign bureau Hurby - PixMill - RV Consulting Solutions Ltd - NoPixel - Frischnetz - TilliLab - Alexey Barsukov - Albert Mukhutdinov - Vitaliy Gray - MultiTricker - Active Ingredients -
Bike Shop SEO - Cotton - Kazuo Uchigaki - Publanda - RAADHUIS creative agency -
Jens Wittmann Gestaltung & Entwicklung - Brainlane - Inside Creative - Oliver Haase-Lobinger (mindeffects) - ByteJam - Webflux - Michael Raffenberg - Webentwicklung - Alexander Chuvilin - Lefthandmedia - Susan Ottwell - TopSpot - Clutch Marketing - Anton Tarasov - Stéphane Jäggi

POWERED BY site.credits.modx DEVELOPED BY Sterc Heibel Supported by Supported by SNN Supported by the EU - Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO)


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You can also download the newest version of MODX.