Week 7 - March 26 - April 1, 2018

Template picker MODX3.0


The new MODX Dashboard architecture has been finished by Vasily this week. He changed an astonishing 54 files and you have to take our word for it, it wasn't just added whitespace. These 54 changed files means we need a lot of people to test if everything is still working. You can find the Pull Request here and instructions on how to grab and test it here. The full list of changes:

  • Ability to customize dashboard: move, resize, change order and size of widgets.
  • Improved look and feel
  • 2 new widgets: Buttons and Updates
  • Dashboard and widgets use so minimum of ExtJS as possible
  • Added new column "customizable" to modDashboard
  • Added 2 new columns to modDashboardWidget: "properties" and "permission"
  • Added 2 new columns to modDashboardWidgetPlacement: "user" and "size"
  • Added new aggregate to modUser: "DashboardWidgets"
  • Default dashboard and widgets will not be overwritten on upgrade anymore
  • Recently edited resources widget now shows all users and requires "view_document" permission

Dashboard of a user can be custimizable, or not. If it is, user can add new widgets, remove old, resize, change size and order by drag-n-drop. If Dashboard is not customizable, it will be static as admin specified it to be. User will not be able to do anything, as it was before.

Widgets now have JSON properties similar to modUserProfile extended field, that could be used by developers for any puprose. For example, you can change all links in texts in default Buttons widget.

Also widgets can now require any permission to install them on users Dashboard.


The above does not mean the dashboard is finished, but the architecture is. The new way of making widgets will enable everybody to make the new pretty widgets. We're going to finish up the remaining widgets from the design later in the MODX3 stage. We need some more testing first!


Current status of the dashboard

To see the dashboard in action, please see last week's update. The current default widgets are:

Widgets MODX3 dashboard


Reïnforcements for the team

We are happy to let you know that our team was strengthened with Yana Vostryakova this week. Yana is a very talented all-around web developer, with years of MODX experience. Welcome to STERC and the MODX3 Project!


Template picker

Rinze made amazing progress with the new template picker, which is described here. We've got some questions from people if it will replace the whole current way of working or if it is optional. We believe it should be on by default, but you should be able to disable it in System Settings. The current status can be seen below. STERC developer Oene Tjeerd de Bruin is currently working on implementing it.

Template picker preview MODX 3


MODX.org progress

While modx.org is not in the MODX3-project, we do feel that we need to share some progress. We started with wireframes on the MODX SnowUp in Engelberg, Switzerland. Agency buntebrause from Cologne, Germany volunteered to do the design. The first design proposals have been made to determine the style. These were very promising! We are not going to share anything yet, because it is too early to show something. Expect more action in the coming weeks.


MODX 2.6.2 release

MODX 2.6.2 is nearing completion. Jason has been pushing really hard to get it out there, with help from other integrators like Mark, Ivan and Thomas. The last tests are being performed and the changelog is being completed, so we should see 2.6.2 pretty soon!

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