Week 6 - March 19-25, 2018

Week 6


Upgrading ExtJs to version 6 is a no-go

While discussing the new dashboards in 3, we thought of upgrading ExtJs to version 6 along the way. End result: it will take as much time to upgrade ExtJs to version 6 as it would take time to redo the manager. So we decided not to upgrade it ;-)


Personal dashboards

Dashboards are currently bound to user-groups, which is not a personalized experience. All users in a user-group have the same dashboard. We want to change this to true personal dashboards, while still allowing administrators to set dashboards for entire user-groups. From now on:

  • A new user starts of with a default dashboard, inherited from their user-group (as was the behavior in MODX Revolution)
  • Every user can change the widgets (if an administrator set that dashboard to 'customizable' = default), order, and size of all widgets. These are saved for that user.


The new dashboard is a big change and current changes we made are:

  • Drag & drop of widgets
  • Resizing of widgets
  • Adding and removing widgets can now be done from the dashboard itself
  • System widgets are now pure HTML/CSS
  • The dashboard is fully responsive
  • Deleting all widgets will result in resetting to the default dashboard
  • Restyling of dialog windows


Two screenshots of the new dashboard:

MODX3 dashboardMODX 3 dashboard add widget


Login screen

Besides this progress, the final version of the login screen has been added to Github:

MODX3 login

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