Week 5 - March 12-18, 2018

Week 5 template

Week 5 is the week after the official project-launch at the MODX Meetup in Leeuwarden. We've received several amazing sponsorship offers and received a good amount of donations. This will help us improve MODX3 even more. Thank you all so much! Keep 'm coming!

So what else did we do this week?


Login screen

The login screen was finished (thanks for coding it Vasily and MarkH for merging!!)! Some last polishing was performed to make it just perfect. The result can be seen here:

Login screen final

The plan

We have updated the plan page to show what the status is for everything we are working on. Also, features are explained better and more extensively.


Media Sources

Media sources have been finished and they are being tested right now. Thanks to YJ and Ievgen for the heavy testing. You can test it yourself by pulling this Pull Request.


Resource template preview

We've also started working on a huge UX improvement: making the resource-create-workflow a better experience. Creating resources in MODX can be a cumbersome experience: lots of clicks to pick a template, people have no idea what each template does and it just takes a long time to complete. We've made a plan to change this, which you can read here. A preview:

Template resource



Last but not least: dashboard development has begun!

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