Week 4 - March 5-11, 2018

MODX3 flysystem

This week finished the first month of the project. The launch of this site was also done publicly! You can now support our cause by donating or sponsoring.

Work continued on the media sources with Flysystem integration (thanks Josh Gulledge!!). The following adapters were implemented: local filesystem, FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3 and Swift, which is a major upgrade for MODX. Implementing others will also be much easier now.

Design work has started on the create-resource-page, featuring ideas from last years hackathons: cleaning up the interface clutter, having a new create-resource experience and probably some other neat UX improvements Rinze can come up with. Research which is going to be used are: sketches from Malta 2017, JP DeVries his concept and Sander Drenth's Proof Of Concept.


Sketch from Malta + JP DeVries concept

Sketch create resource

Mockup concept create resource

UX improvements from the new create-resource experience: template previews to ease the process of picking the right template, less reloads during the create-resource process, restructured tab experience and less ways to create a resource.

The MODX Meetup in Leeuwarden also was organized with over 40 attendees! Check the report on MODX.pro (Russian) or MODX.today (English)!

Jason Coward brought up the idea to use Github Projects for increased project transparency, which will happen in week 5. It's a great way to share milestones, releases, what issues relate to what release, who is doing what, etc.

If you want to help out with MODX3, try testing some of our PR's on Github, which need some serious testing. You can use this contributors guide to help in this process.

This week (week 5) will feature work on getting the dashboard to work as designed by Rinze in his mockups. Below is one of the mockups. More can be found on last week's update.


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