Week 20, June 25-30, 2018

MODX3 Alpha

We're thrilled to release our first build of MODX3. This build represents months of work from the MODX3 team, the community, and all the generous sponsors. This build was made for all of you who are excited to try out the new design and weren't able to do this through Git. You can still donate to the project because it still is not fully funded yet.

1. Regular installer (modx3-alpha-regular.zip)
This is the usual installer you are used to. It's about ~28MB in size. Just download and install by going to /setup Download the latest regular build (28MB)

2. Installer with composer.json (modx3-alpha-withcomposer.zip)
This is the installer without third-party dependencies. It's about ~19MB in size. Run "composer install" in the root folder first and then run /setup Download the latest build with composer (19MB)



Testing is progressing slowly, with only a handful of people doing the testing right now. We need more testers! Gauke Pieter made a screencast to help you understand the magical world of testing pull requests on Github for MODX.


While the donations started off really good, they are stalling right now. We would like to remind everybody who didn't sponsor or donate yet to do so fast. The budget is still €50.000+ short and extra funding will make it easier to complete the project in the way we want to!

Photo Contest

We need photos for our new login screen. Four photos to be precise: winter, spring, summer en autumn. For this, we are doing a MODX3 Photo Contest!

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You can also download the newest version of MODX.