Week 11 - April 23-29, 2018

MODX3 redesign implementation of UI

This week's update is a day early and we have a very good reason for that. It's King's Day tomorrow (Friday, April 26th), which will result in a lot of the Dutch (and Vasily & Yana) to dress in orange and party!


The new design

Rinze made new designs for the manager UI in week 9. Vasily did a great job at implementing those this week. It is not finished yet, but we're getting close! A screenshot example (please note: not final):

MODX3 UI Improvements

A small video can be seen here.


Some highlights:

  • We removed the top bar and integrated it into the left bar
  • Optimized for smaller (desktop/tablet) screens by showing a clearer collapse-tree button
  • Menu items now require a click instead of hover
  • Menu items are stickier and will result in fewer miss-clicks
  • A new style of the menu items

There are still some discussions going on about design decisions.


Testing & build

Testing is progressing slowly, with only a handful of people doing the testing right now. We need more testers! The testing which was done, also got some love from the integrators team, which results in the first build getting closer. The build is a downloadable MODX-version which you are used to.


Want to help? Test the code and donate!

We need testers, a lot of testers!! Gauke Pieter made a screencast to help you understand the magical world of testing pull requests on Github for MODX.

While the donations started off really good, they are stalling right now. We would like to remind everybody who didn't sponsor or donate yet to do so fast. The budget is still €20.000+ short and extra funding will make it easier to complete the project in the way we want to!

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You can also download the newest version of MODX.