UX Improvements For Content Managers

Based on the feedback from hackathons and meetups in 2017. These UX improvements focus on less clutter and more accessibility, especially useful for content-manager.

MODX3 UX Improvements


  • Simplify the tree and add hovers, instead of right-clicks (proof of concept was done by SEDA)
  • Simplify the resource-edit page and realign buttons + add [more…]-button (proof of concept was done on Malta)
    • Reduce the current buttons (Save, Duplicate, Delete, View, Close, Help!) to Save, View and 'More…'
  • Improvements to the uberbar for content managers
    • Show context of every page
    • More customization (e.g. only show resources)
  • Restructure resource tabs (current tabs from left-to-right: Document, Settings, Template Variables, Resource Groups)
    • Left: Document, Template Variables
    • Right: Settings, Resource Groups
  • Improvements to the manager remembering where you left off in the UI:
    • Remember which Media Browser folder you visited, per resource
    • Remember the resource tree structure
    • Remember resource tab
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