Login Screen MODX3

Login Screen

The login screen will get a makeover to make it more appealing, user-friendly, and fully customizable. The following features are included:

  • Fully customizable look & feel through System Settings
  • Ability to disable help-button
  • Seasonal backgrounds (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and ability to release new backgrounds with later MODX versions.
  • Ability to change background
  • Improved UX for 'Forgot password' and compliant with current security regulations

The new login screen was made possible by great contributions from Rinze van der Brug (Sterc), Christian Seel (SEDA.digital), Mark Hamstra (modmore) and Vasily Naumkin (modx.pro). The new design for the login window was merged as a feature into 3.x (link opens Github).

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