MODX3 Dashboard


The current default dashboard is far from useful. It needs to be more graphical and give guidance to new users. We need to change it from scary to welcoming and useful, especially for content-managers, not just developers installing it.

It is important to note that the default dashboard will contain both core and third-party widgets. The third-party widgets will be screenshots of the widgets to give the user an idea of how the dashboard could be.

The Core-Widgets

  • Quick buttons to: create a new resource, preview the site,
  • Welcome widget: Text 'Hello firstname!', image of your (closest) city based on user-profile (need to find API for that), time, temperature.
  • Newsletter widget (this newsletter does not yet exist - might be current MODX-newsletter) with the option to state your area of interest: development, content management.
  • Community widget: links to all channels where you can get in touch with the community.
  • MODX health widget:
    • Show current version + latest version + user notice when necessary: "A website update is available."
    • Stack version checks (PHP, MySQL, etc.) notices if needed.
  • Excessive errors (50+ in error log)
  • Recent changes widget (with gravatars to make it more visual)

Other Widgets

Third-party Extras, represented by screenshots

  • Extensive website health snippet for administrators (Bob Ray)
  • Replace the MODX Health Widget with the MODX Update snippet (Bob Ray)
  • Analytics (link to analytics-section in Extras)

Dashboard & Widget redesign

The current dashboard always has text-only title and widgets are designed as blocks with borders, always including a title. The new dashboard will move things around to create a slicker environment:

  • No more dashboard title
  • No widget titles

Supplemented with the new widgets, the dashboard will be a joy to watch.

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