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Discover MODX3

MODX is a powerful content management framework that gives you all the tools and freedom you need to build customized platforms your way. With MODX, you can count on a secure, scalable, fast, and user-friendly CMS that gives you all the creative freedom you need to build amazing platforms and manage content.

To create an even more user-friendly and secure content management framework, MODX agency Sterc and MODX creator MODX LLC wanted to release a new version of MODX: MODX3. Together with the committed MODX community, they set up an entire project to create this new version.

And that’s what happened in 2018: an Alpha version was released to the MODX community to use and optimize. MODX agency Sterc decided to bring this version further. Optimize it, so they could use it to develop digital platforms for their customers. And that’s why MODX3S was created.

MODX 3.0

After the MODX3 Project, a beta version was released to the public to test and improve. After working and improving this newest version of the MODX CMS, finally in 2022, MODX 3.0 was officially finished and can be downloaded on

How it all started


An optimized version of the MODX3 Alpha created by Sterc, so it could be used to develop digital platforms for their customers. Extensively tested and optimized since 2018, so you’re certain of a stable CMS.

Discover MODX3S
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You can also download the newest version of MODX.