MODX3 Project

2017 was a very active year for MODX: the MAB fulfilled its first term, international MODX hackathons were held in the Netherlands and Malta. We had two bug hunts organized by & Sterc and the MODXpo was held in the beautiful city of Minsk.

All these events brought together a lot of MODX people with a lot of ideas as an immediate result. We decided the time is right to have these in a new MODX release. Lead by Gauke Pieter Sietzema, Chairman of the MODX Advisory board, a plan was forged to release the next major MODX version: MODX3. Both MODX LLC and MODX agency Sterc backed this from the very start. *

To make MODX3 happen, we required the following things: Plan, People, and Funding.

You can find everything about the current developments of this project under 'Updates'.

* MODX LLC is the company behind the code, and they offer premium hosting with MODX Cloud. Sterc is the leading MODX agency with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, and the USA.

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Plan, People & Funding

1. Plan

You can't build something without a solid plan. Gauke Pieter Sietzema took the liberty of writing this plan, based on all the given input. The plan can be found here and is the foundation of MODX3. What's in the plan?

  • Enhanced login screen
  • Client support
  • Enhanced dashboard
  • New default widgets
  • UX improvements for content managers
  • Extracting dependencies

2. People

With the plan in place, we need people to execute it, capable MODX people. People who know PHP, ExtJs, UX, design, testing, and writing. Gauke Pieter assembled a team of people from MODX LLC, Sterc, and modmore to make the plan reality. The team includes people from these parties, but also people from the community like Vasily 'Bezumkin' Naumkin, who is the leading developer behind,, and great extras like pdoTools.

3. Funding

We all have to make a living, and most of us do that using MODX. Therefore we need to give back to our beloved system, to keep it healthy and fresh.

Sterc funds a big part of the MODX3 Project, who brought everybody together, wrote the plan and will hire people to do development for MODX3. MODX LLC also funds staff hours to finish MODX3 and was heavily involved in the preparation of this project. We are proud to announce that Sterc has been granted a KEI subsidy from Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland. The subsidy is financed by the European Union, European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO), and the Dutch provinces Groningen, Friesland, and Drenthe. This allows Sterc to hire some of the best developers worldwide for this project and work with Sterc in our office in Surhuisterveen.

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